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About School of Medicine


According to the approval of council of expansion of medical sciences universities, in February 2010, the NKUMS School of Medicine was established. By accepting its first group of students in medicine, in 2010, the school started to work officially.


Students of this school study in four majors namely:

  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • B.Sc. in Laboratory sciences
  • B.Sc. in Radiology Technology
  • M.Sc. in Biotechnology


Although it is recently established, School of Medicine trains the students according to the latest technologies and knowledge in order to make the students able to deal with different issues in various fields of medical sciences.





Department of Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Sciences

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Department of Pathobiology, and Laboratory Sciences

Department of Anatomy

Department of Medical Ethics and Social Medicine

Department of Theology and General Studies

Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Urology, Eye, ENT and Women

Department of Orthopedic, Anesthesiology and Surgery

Department of Pediatrics

Department of Radiology & Medical Physics


Research at School of Medicine


Office of Vice-Dean for Research of NKUMS School of Medicine has started working since the establishment of the school. Taking advantage of its academic members and holding regular meetings of Research Council, this office works towards promoting research projects and thesis. To pursue this goal, in addition to its academic members, the office takes advantage of the knowledge of other academic members of the university or other universities and research centers of the country.

Office of Vice-Dean for Research believes in conducting researches which contribute to the creation of a research environment in different departments, are in accordance with the priorities of the university and help promotion of public health; in this regard, considering the ethics is a priority.

Office of Vice-Dean for Research of School of Medicine Performs about 30 thesis in M.D., M.Sc., MPH and Medical Biotechnology majors and more than 15 research projects per year. Moreover, holding scientific seminars at the school and supervision on scientific and student assemblies are of responsibilities of this office.


For more information about School of Medicine please visit our website:


Vice-Dean of Research





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