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There are 3 research centers in Isfahan School of Dentistry

1. Torabinejad Dental Research Center
2. Dental Materials Research Center
3. Implants Research Center


The aim of these centers is to perform original researches, which will improve the ability to understand, recognize and treat dental diseases.

Research areas

  1. Research projects based on different systems of dental implants, bone anchoring and ...
  2. Clinical research projects in the field of dental implants.
  3. The basic and clinical research projects about the benefits of dental implants in the jaw bone reconstruction.
  4. Basic and clinical research projects on aspects of beauty (Esthetic) in dental implants carrying out research projects on the effectiveness and functionality of dental implants in restoring function of the mouth, jaw and face



  • Winner of the Outstanding Research Center in Razi Award Festival, for Dental Materials Research Center. Tehran, Iran, 2017.
  • Selecting Dr. Mohammad Hossein Fathi amongst one percent of the world’s top elites & scientists based on Thomson Reuters ISI scientific data base.
  • Winner of 1st prize of Razi Award Festival, Dentistry Section. Tehran, Iran, 2003 by Prof. Abbasali Khademi.
  • Winner of 3rd prize of Razi Award Festival, Dentistry Section. Tehran, Iran, 2007 by Prof. Omid Savabi.


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