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Vice-Chancellery for Education

The Vice-Chancellery for Education is responsible for all major educational affairs of the University.

Main responsibilities:

·         Supervising the educational affairs of schools to ensure the implementation of educational programs, curriculums and regulations.

·         Formulating general principles and guidelines for educational programs.

·         Deciding on the educational issues in question.

·         Performing investigations on the necessity of changing or developing the educational programs of university.

·         Implementing the decrees of the University Educational Council.

·         Supervision and evaluation of the educational programs and professional courses offered by the schools.

·         Supervision of educational councils at schools, the performance of students, academic members and educational directors.

·         Promotion of national and international educational collaborations.

·         Administration of faculty member recruitment and human resources management.

·         Improving the quality of education by providing training, technical and scientific support and personal development and continuous education plans for academic staff through Medical Education Development Center.


Address: Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services




Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology

The Primary mission of the chancellery for research is the promotion of research.

 Main responsibilities:

·         Formulating research policies for the University.

·         Auditing the University’s annual research output.

·         Establishing effective collaboration with other national and international research establishments and industries to exchange scientific services and identify learning opportunities for academic members such as sabbatical leaves

·         Management of the official affairs related to research activities

·         Organizing the University’s research programs within the framework of basic research goals and priorities

·         Publication of books, journals and bulletins to disseminate the results of research activities and provide the means for communication between researches

·         Supervising research –related publications of affiliated institutions

·         Management of University libraries and databanks

·         Promotion of Innovation and collaboration with industry

·         Provision of infrastructure, facilities and equipment for and maintaining research centers


Address: Bldg No. 4, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services





Vice-Chancellery for Students and Cultural Affairs

The Vice-chancellery for Students and Cultural Affairs is responsible for welfare of students and is constituted of three main departments: Students Affair department, Cultural department and Physical Education department. There are also other sub-directories operating under the supervision of this office including: Health Center, accommodation office, student’s welfare office and Consultation Office.

Main responsibilities:

·         Supervising the implementation of approved policies in the fields of student affairs, welfare and extra-curriculum activities.

·         Management of dormitories, restaurants, the student health center and sports complexes.

·         Promotion of student participation in cultural and social activities.

·         Provision of financial support such as student loan.

·         Provision of counseling services for students.


Address: Bldg No. 4, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services




Vice-Chancellery for Clinical Affairs

The Vice- Chancellery for Clinical Affairs is responsible toimprove the quality of healthcare and to reduce the burden of diseases, injuries and accidents in the community under the coverage of the university in Isfahan province. It is responsible for planning, monitoring, and supervision of healthrelated activities in secondary and tertiary health servicesfor public and private sectors.

The office works to ensure that health services are safe, accessible, equitable, affordable, patient-centered, evidence based and of high quality according to the standards of health care set by the ministry of health.

Main responsibilities:

·         Accreditation and supervision of clinical services offered by more than 50 hospitals and outpatients in the province.

·         Accreditationof clinical services offered by medical professionals through assessment and granting license.

·         Provision of pre-hospital emergencyservices.

·         Carrying out the principles of emergency and disaster preparedness and management via emergency operations center (EOC).

·         Participating in recruitment of medical professionals.

·         Needs assessment for resource allocation and participation in providing clinical services.

·         Provision of educationand advisory servicesfor quality improvement in clinical settings.

·         Coordinating with other stakeholders to promote healthcare.

·         Coordinating and supervising applied clinical research.

·         Conducting and implementing the ministry of health policies in the province.


Address: Apadana St., Isfahan, Iran




Vice-Chancellery for Health

The Vice-chancellery for Health is responsible for provision of basic health services for most part of the province. These services include:

·         Public education in health related issues.

·         Nutrition improvement.

·         Drinking water supply and sanitation and safe food environment.

·         Mother and child health care and reproductive health.

·         Newborn screening programs.

·         Immunization against infectious diseases.

·         Prevention and treatment of community diseases.

·         Prevention of accidents.

·         Oral health services.

·         Provision of basic medicines needed for outpatient health care.

·         Mental health services.


There are 22 districts under the coverage of IUMS. Each district has its own health networks consisting of rural and urban health centers.  Rural health centers supervise the health houses and urban health centers supervise the urban health posts.

IUMS covers nearly 4.5 million people, 0.7 million of whom live in rural areas.

Other Responsibilities:

·         Outlining demographic and geographic characteristics, resources and health priorities in the province.

·         Planning and decision-making to address health issues specific to the province within the framework of national policies and strategies.

·         Financial and resources management

·         Implementation of approved national health policies and programs, and continuous  evaluation of the quality of services.

·         Applying scientific and technological means to increase awareness of diseases, activating timely measure at the time of epidemics or unforeseen outbreaks.

·         Daily monitoring of the quality of drinking water in villages and urban areas

·         Supervising the continuous health projects

·         Scientific and financial support of district health networks


There are 11 specialized units and two technical and executive pro vice-presidents at the vice-chancellery for health which plan and supervise the operations of respective units in district health networks. These units are:

-        Environmental Health Units

-        Occupational Health Units

-        Health Networks Development Unit

-        Health Education Unit

-        Community Nutrition Improvement Unit

-        Family Health and Population Unit

-        Disease Control Unit

-        Mental Health Unit

-        Oral and Dental Health Unit

-        Adolescent and School Health Unit

-        Laboratory Unit


Address: Ebn-e-Sina St., Isfahan, Iran




Vice-Chancellery for Food and Drug

The Vice-Chancellery for Food and Drug consists of four offices overseeing the core functions of the agency including:

·         Office for Supervision on Food, Hygienic andCosmetics

·         Office for Supervision on Drugs and Narcotics

·         Office for Food, Hygienic andCosmetics Quality Control Laboratory

·         Office for Research & Development                   


This office plays a major role in protecting and promoting public health by assuring the safety and efficacy of food, drugs,herbal medicines, supplementary foods andhygienic andcosmetic products.


Main responsibilities:

·         Regulation and supervision of pharmaceutical, food,hygienic andcosmetic products manufacturing processand supply chain  for assuring the efficacy, safety and proper labeling of their products

·         Development of strategies for regulation and monitoring the use of additives and minimizing pesticides, residues, heavy metals, and toxins in food and cosmetic products and helping industriesto enhance the quality of their products

·         Regulation and supervision of pharmacies and drug supply chain to improve the quality of their services and logistics of supply.

·         Supervising the use of  controlled drugs and addictive substances

·         Monitoring the  medicinal prescriptions to promote  rational use of drugs, and surveillance  of adverse drug reactions

·         Advancing public healthinformation and consultingservices in the field of drugs and poisonous, foods,hygienic andcosmeticproducts

·        Performing and promoting research on food and drugs


Address: 6th Alley, Hezar-Jerib St., Isfahan, Iran




Vice-Chancellery for Logistics and Personnel Affairs

Main responsibilities:

·         Formulating the official and financial policies of the University within the framework of regulations.

·         Supervising the implementation of approved policies in official, financial, services and construction domains.

·         Active participation in committees, conferences, commissions and seminars in order to establish effective coordination between various University divisions.

·         Planning for timely accomplishment of developmental plans.


Address: Bldg No. 1, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services


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