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The Medical Education research Center at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services (MUI) was established in 1988 in response to the growing demand of faculty development and an up to date curricula, innovative teaching and evaluation methods. At present this center is considered as one of the pioneer centers in Iran. It is also known as one of the Educational Poles in the country. The Medical Education research Center, will act as a prominent center in the country and region, in respecting scientific principles of medical education and the values of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Research areas:

The MERC assists in strengthening curriculum-planning, improving the quality of
teaching, evaluating students learning and effectiveness of teaching and, evaluating
the variety of educational programs. It is also active in the feld of university faculty
development, and conduction of a vast array of researches in education.

Two big Halls
learning cottage which is suitable for workshops
Clinical skills learning center
Virtual education center

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