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Research Institute for Primordial Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease (PPNCD) was established in 2014 by joint collaboration of three research centers:

• Child Growth and Development Research Center
• Environment Research Center
• Pediatric Inherited Diseases Research Center


PPNCD will work for developing effective approaches for primordial and primary prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by considering interactions of lifestyle, genetic, and environmental factors in the developmental origins of health and diseases (DOHaD).

Research area

• Developmental origins of health and disease

• Growth disorders

• Establishing healthy lifestyle

• Pediatric metabolic syndrome

• Neurodevelopment

• Community participatory studies

• Birth cohort

• Environmental Medicine

• Bioinformatics predictions of genetic mutations

• Congenital Disorders

• Non-congenital genetic disorders

• Chronic and multifactorial diseases

• Abortion and infertility

• Genetic counseling

• Multidisciplinary research to solve environmental health challenges locally and globally

• Identifying, understanding, and preventing environmentally-related diseases

• Bio monitoring; measurement of the body burden of toxic chemical compounds, elements, or their metabolites, in biological substances such as urine or blood.

• Conducting practical and applied research in different fields of environment and environmental

health including

Water pollution and treatment processes; Municipal and industrial wastewater  collection, Treatment and  disposal; Air pollution monitoring and control; Municipal, Industrial, and Hazardous solid waste management; Environmental nanotechnology and bio technology



Research facilities

• International and national research networks
• Organizing advanced training workshops for researchers
• E-learning and webinar programs for researchers
• Organizing CME programs in different fields of Medicine, Environmental sciences, and Public health


PPNCD awards

• Presidential Award in the National Razi Research Festival, as the first ranked scientist in biomedical sciences to Professor Kelishadi, 2018

• Nominated as the first 1% highly cited of the word scientists to Professor Kelishadi, (2015-2018)

• Presidential Award in the National Razi Research Festival for selection of the Child Growth and Development Research Center as the distinguished research center at national level, 2012

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