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 School of Advanced Medical Technology

Date of establishment: 2012


·        Bioelectrical Engineering

·        Biomaterial Engineering, and

·        Hospital Engineering

Programs and degrees: MSc and PhD

Facilities and Laboratories:

·        Bio-instrument laboratory

·        Biomedical signal processing laboratory

·        Microscopic image processing laboratory

·        OCT image processing laboratory

·        Electronic laboratory

·        Bioelectric laboratory

·        Biomaterial laboratory

·        Nanomaterial laboratory

·        Tissue engineering laboratory

Research Area:

·        Biomedical signal and image processing and analysis

·        Medical signal and imaging systems

·        Speech processing and design of systems for speech-language distortion diagnostic and therapy

·        Modelling biological systems

·        Rehabilitation engineering

·        Bio-signals recording and design of monitoring system for diagnostic and therapy

·        Design and developing diagnostic and therapeutic systems

·        Design and developing physiotherapy and chiropractic equipment, radiation therapy and lasers 

·        Cardiac image analysis

·        Brain signal analysis

·        Biointerfaces

·        Bio-microdevices

·        Controlled drug delivery

·        Tissue engineering

·        Materials surface modification

·        Nanotechnology

·        Biosensors



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