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The School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine (ATM) was established to promote state of the art education, research and training in multidisciplinary and emerging sciences. The main core of this school was established in 1999, as “group of physics and biomedical engineering” in the school of medicine. The group was then promoted to its current form as “School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine” in 2012.


The fields offered here are aimed to fill the gap between university and industry in medical sciences. The fast progress of knowledge in different branches of science and also the applications of advanced medical technology in modern medicine strongly necessitate it to have scientists and professionals in this field to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases to high standards. The graduate students have lots of promising opportunities and career prospects. You can find exciting work as clinical engineer/scientist, medical device developer, biomaterial engineer, or have opportunity to pursue a career of teaching in top universities.







Bioelectrical engineering





Biomaterial engineering







Through its departments, ATM creates engineering knowledge and novel biomedical technology that improve the human condition through the advancement of clinical care and biomedical science.


The mission of the ATM is:

  • To bridge engineering, science and medicine
  • To educate and train the next diverse generation of interdisciplinary biomedical sciences
  • To create enabling technologies for the improvement of human health and health care
  • To translate scientific discovery and medical technology to industry or clinical practice for delivery of health care
  • To engage with the local to global community of medical researchers to identify important problems that impact human health and solve them using our technical expertise.



The school is equipped will a broad category of labs to fulfill the needs of students and researchers from this school and to provide the service to researchers from other faculties and universities:


• Bioinformatics Laboratory
• Biomaterials Laboratory
• Tissue Engineering Laboratory
• Bio instrument Laboratory
• Medical Electronic Laboratory
• Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory
• Microscopic image analysis Laboratory
• Ophthalmology Image Analysis Laboratory
• Medical signal and image Modeling Laboratory
• Game and treatment Laboratory
• Drug design Laboratory


Total area (m2) Number of faculty
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graduate students
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graduate students
1916 11 3 - 61




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