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KPRC was established in 2004 by the efforts of Professor Hamid Najafipour. The activity of KPRC goes back to 1997 when the committee of Cardiovascular Research started to work in the Vice

Chancellor of Medical Education. This committee was established by the cooperation of the Board of Clinical Cardiology Department and the staffs of the groups of Physiology, Pharmacology

and Biochemistry, and in around 7 years of activity, founded the initial nucleus of Physiology Research Center. Weekly meetings with scientific presentations, approving research proposals, the

establishment of Blood Pressure Clinic and Endocrinology Clinic and cooperation in the establishment of Clinical Research Base in hospital, were the activities of this committee. Physiology

Research Center is currently developed into three research groups including Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal and Hormone and Kidney Research Groups as well as two affiliated clinics on

hypertension and endocrine Disease. More than 30 academic members are now housed in KPRC or are in collaboration with the center to perform both basic and clinical investigations on

different aspects of physiology. The center also has 4 research laboratories and one animal house.

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