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Kerman Neuroscience Research center KNRC was founded in 1995. Since 2001 it has  
obtained an independent budget from the ministry of health, which  
enables us to fund research in neuroscience together with an education  


Covering a wide spectrum of investigation areas, we have different research labs ranging from molecular and behavioral to computational neuroscience.

Being one of the neuroscience hubs located in the center of Iran, KNRC  
is the ideal place for networking with national as well as international institutions. We promote interdisciplinary cooperation  
to create the ideal working environment for innovative  
research and collaborate beyond our geographical and disciplinary borders in order to share views with scientists around the world.

Neuroscience constitutes a young quickly evolving subject where many aspects remain to be discovered and we have based our priorities on Cognitive Neuroscience, Mental Health and Nervous System Disorders.


Our innovative education program combines research and teaching to support collaborative programs in neuroscience. Students will benefit from our education program where cutting-edge research is directly integrated in the curriculum.

Our neuroscience teaching programs are of the highest international standards and we ensure its quality by regular evaluations.


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