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Neurology Research Center



Kerman is the vastest province in Islamic Republic of Iran and the central provider of medical and health services in Southeast of the country. Population heterogeneity, deprivation in all aspects of social, economic and health facilities, significant prevalence of neurologic malfunction and disorders and finally a strong potential in medical and research body of KMU brought the need to establish NRC in 2010. Since then the center has been actively taking benefit of 11 faculty members, 1 PhD researcher student and 3 expert personnel in training PhD students, conducting research projects and thesis (159 conducted studies and 157 published papers), holding workshop and conferences (“The First Myology Winter School” and “Iranian Congress of Clinical Challenges in Neurologic Disorders”), attending national and international events (94 presented abstracts), publishing books (“Iranian Consensus Guidelines Management of Epilepsy” and “Dementia: A Guide For Caregivers”), and providing health, rehabilitation and social services for the sick and families in related fields of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry.

NRC is relatively small in physical scale but is quite powerful in managing educational, research and social projects by collaborating other national and international points including laboratories, libraries, academic centers, governmental positions and charity organizations.


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