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International Accreditation at SUMS


International Accreditation at SUMS



Due to the phenomenon of massification of higher education, and the significance loaded on the idea of quality assurance and accreditation, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) as a higher education institute has formed its International Accreditation and Rankings Network with the mission of developing a quality assurance system at the University leading to the process of accreditation. To foster the University’s internationalization of quality practices; thus, SUMS’ Accreditation and Rankings Network is organized as a three-level network including “the Headquarter for International Accreditation and Rankings of the University”  as the primary level in addition to “the Specialized Committee of Accreditation in Vice-Chancellor Offices ” and “the International Accreditation Workgroups in SUMS' Schools” as the secondary and tertiary ones, respectively.  The following figure picturizes the classification of the aforementioned network, reflecting a whole grasp of its different divisions:


International Accreditation at SUMS




Accreditation, as the international scholarly community believes, has a strong impact on faculty management and quality assurance. Not only will ostensibly the self-assessment procedure reports but also the accreditation’s recommendations result in institutional improvements. It is definitely obvious that a higher education institution passing through a comprehensive assessment procedure by an international academic accreditation such as ASIC accreditation can claim its contribution to the world of quality in higher education.

To be aligned with internationally accredited higher education institutions, during last years, the Accreditation and Rankings Network at SUMS has been endeavoring to assimilate all the departments, divisions, and administrative offices of the University with the most recent scholarly institutional guidelines from theory to practice.  Considering these evident facts, SUMS, as one of Iran’s avant-garde universities in the field of medicine and its related areas, is motivated to declare its commitment to the international standards through working to achieve the ASIC accreditation



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