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The Road Ahead

EducationIRAN, conceived as a project between the three ministries of 'Foreign Affairs', 'Health and Medical Education' and 'Science, Research and Technology', is a national organization with the sole aim of pushing beyond the boundaries of knowledge and raising the standards of international higher education. It is our goal to usher in a new age for Iran's higher education system and help Iranian higher education institutes find their rightful place in international higher education landscape.


Our vision is an ambitious one, and the path ahead is clear. Join EducationIRAN for a successful future!

Larestan at a Glance
Larestan at a Glance

Larestan County is located in Fars Province , south of Iran. The capital of the county named "Lar" is one of the ancient cities where considered to be a major stop along the road to the Persian Gulf.  The old department contains the Bazaar of Qaisariye, a pre-Safavid dynasty creation, that was proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on August 9, 2007. Larestan International Airport has one of the most efficient systems in displacing passengers and luggage having ranked the best airport in lost or delayed luggage.


Study Nursing in LarUMS
Study Nursing in LarUMS

Hazrat Zeinab(P.B.U.H) School of Nursing in Larestan-Iran is located in the south of Fars Province. Although a small university with a close-knit community, it develops to make Nursing students expert in leadership skills through engagement in evidence-based learning and interprofessional education. Great Library, spacious classrooms, as well as auditorium spaces equipped with video conferencing and lecture recording technologies are some features of  the college .

Study Health Sciences in LarUMS
Study Health Sciences in LarUMS

Ewaz School of Health is located in Ewaz, in Fars Province, Iran. It was founded in 2009 to train the next generation of experts to translate new knowledge of health into action for improving and sustaining population health. This school offers multiple programs and degrees in Public Health, Professional Health, Environmental Health and Human Nutrition. Here, staff and students can access everything they need to help them succeed in their work and study including a great Library containing significant collection of books, Labs, student accommodation facilities, auditorium and classrooms.

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