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Anatomy laboratory:

Goal:Acquaintance and practical teaching to students about different parts of body.

Educational groups:The students of two fields, nursing (first semester) and operation room (first and second semester)

Establishment year: 1367

Laboratory area: 6 meters by 10 meters

The facilities of the Anatomylaboratory:This laboratory is equipped by various moulages and audio visual equipments. Some moulages include: human skeleton, skull skeleton, the moulages of the body, head and neck, reproductive system, digestive system, respiratory system, upper organ, lower organ, brain, spinal cord and also the moulages related to midwifery and embryology fields

Bacteriology and  biochemistry laboratory:

 Goals :

1.     Providing essential Facilities and equipments for microbiologyexperiments (cultivating bacteria, gram staining , microscopicobservation,…..)

2.     Providing essential equipments for biochemistry experiments ( blood glucose level, cholesterol, urea,…..)

This laboratory presents educational services to Nursing, Operating room and public health students.


Anesthesiology and operation room skills center:


 This center was established in 1388. Its area is 45 square meters. It is used for increasing the practical skills of the operating Room students.

Some skills taught in this center include:

-Learning how to use of anesthesia devices and operating room tools.

Scrab methods

-Preparing operation room.

-Taking care of patients in recovery

-Stitching methods

-Learning how to write a report in operation room.

Clinical skills education center


The clinical skills education center of nursing school was founded in 1367.

The skill lab is 100 square meters and is used for increasing practical skills of students.


One of the important goals in nursing school is training the expert and skillful students in Nursing and operation Room. Nursingstudents should have enough knowledge and skills not only in diseases and taking care of patients, but also in practical fields as well.

No experience is more important than clinical situation for students. Therefore, the main purpose of this center is simulation of clinical atmosphere so that the students will learn clinical and communication skills with the aim of educational tools (Models moulages) before going to real atmosphere.

The other aims of this center:

-Repetition of learned skills in a safe place

-Active learning via observation and implementation for several times.

-Reducing the students’ stress.

-Respecting patients’ rights.

The clinical skills education center of HazratZeinab includes:

-Nursing clinical skills center.

-Anesthesiology and operation Room skills center







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