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Chancellor of  Larestan School of  Medical Sciences



Pharm.D, Ph.D in Pharmaceutics


Salmanpour Mohsen


you can download his CV from here


Message from the Chancellor

Larestan University of Medical Sciences that was founded in August 16, 2010, is considered as one of the independent Macro-Region 5 Medical Universities where 16 Approved Programs in Public Health, Professional Health, Environmental Health, and Human Nutrition offered for graduated and under-graduated students. This University covers two colleges, four hospitals and in addition to Lar, Ewaz and Khonj the other two townships of Fars province receive health and educational services from this University.

Larestan University of Medical Sciences with nearly 2 faculties, 518 students,4000 highly qualified personnel, and eligible specialists, in conjunction with Specialized and super specialized Medical Centers & Clinics have been transformed into one of the most prestigious Universities of Medical Sciences in the Fars province in terms of providing educational and healthcare services. Of course, this point should be noted that active participation of health donors in this region has always ultimately led to improving the health system.

Dr. Mohsen Salmanpour the current chancellor of Larestan University of Medical Sciences, is an experienced pharmaceutical specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. He is a strong research professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and highly skilled in the field of Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Polymers, and Nanoparticle Drug Delivery.

Through a great presentation in the recent introductory meeting, Dr. Salmanpour has expressed his motivation to pursue the three levels of his goals for the Larestan University of Medical Sciences and its affiliated complexes:

  1. Efforts to industrialize Larestan
  2. Efforts to achieve the prominent indicators for developing the University
  3. Improving the health services of the region as well as improving the quality of educational and academic services.











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