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Vice-Chancellor for Educational, Research and Technological Affairs


Vice-Chancellor for Educational, Research and Technological Affairs


                  DR.Maryam Abdollahi


Pediatric Rheumatologist


Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of Vice-chancellor for Education

The main direction of this sector is guiding the educational activities of the university toward responding the social demands and training skilled workforce for health enhancement


1. Conducting all of the educational affairs of the university

2. Studying and decision making regarding educational affairs with the aid of respective authorities

3. Supervision over the good performance of duties by dependent units

4. Configuration of the subject for the meetings of the university’s education council

5. Planning the educational affairs with the cooperation of respective units

6. Supervision over the good performance of educational programs and activities by each faculty, their evaluation and reporting to the management committee

7. Investigating and decision making regarding to students’ issues

8. Planning and adopting suitable policies for expanding the research activities of the faculty in accordance with the research priorities of the university

9. Correction and moderation of the faculty’s research regulations

10. Evaluation of the faculty members’ research activities and configuration of annual report

11. Holding the faculty’s research council meetings

12. Assessment and evaluation of promoting the faculty members

Subsets of the Education, Research and Technological vice chancellor


- Researches

- Medical Education Research and Development Center

- Continues education

- Faculty affairs

- Educational affairs

Vice-Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs


Vice-Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs

Vice-Chancellor for Student and Cultural Affairs

One of the objectives of this Office is educating and developing students’ talents, which is one of the main goals of the university, by providing a plan and finally implementing it in order to meet students’ welfare, cultural and vital needs as the main method of communication between student and the university.

The most important goals of this Office are creating and improving the well-being of students in dormitories and dining halls, discovering talent and strengthening the students' cultural ability, creating vitality and enhancing the morale of young student by holding cultural and sporting programs and, ultimately, utilizing students’ mentality and creativity in designing and implementing the programs.

Duties and Activities

1. Explaining the strategic plan and basic policies of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office

2. Supervision on the performance of directors and heads of Vice-Chancellor’s Office

3. Co-ordination within and outside the university in the field of student and culture

4. Monitoring the performance of the financial affairs of Vice-Chancellor’s Office

5. Membership in councils and committees related to Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs


Vice-Chancellery of Management and Resources Development

Vice-Chancellor of Management and Resources Development






Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice-chancellery of Management and Resources Development

The Vice President of Management and Resources Development uses the most functional and up-to-date sciences and the management of the existing capitals for the actualization and enhancement of social and national health in accordance with the principle of social justice and sustainable development.

1. Determining the policies and directions of the university regarding the movement and planning of human, financial, physical and information assets
2. procurement of the human, financial, physical and information forces needed by the university
3. supervision over the good performance of official, financial and employment regulations by all subject units
4. provision and communication of the regulations regarding personnel, official, financial and public affairs; book keeping, cost management and the maintenance of assets and supervising their utilization
5. supervising the performance of the fiscal facilities including current assets, civil and private
6. supervision over the regulation and of accounting affairs and tending to the financial bills, documents and reports
7. coordinating the official and financial units of the committee and university sector
8. investigation, verification and proposition of correction plans for the development of the organization, management according to the axis of management system, structure and constitution, systems and procedures, classification of professions and the education of management-official knowledges.
9. Regulation of the policies and directions for budget assignment based on the policies and programs ratified by the ministry and university
10. Regulation and proposition of budget for subject units of the university
11. Procurement and presentation of the most suitable architectural and civil plans for the education, health and treatment units according to scientific principles, facilities, geographical, cultural and climatic conditions.
12. Investigating the construction, equipment and installments needs for the provision, maintenance, renovation and expansion of the health, treatment, education and research centers.
13. Supervision over the provision, regulation and execution of civil plans
14. Adopting the necessary policies for the provision of employee’s welfare
15. Communication of the regulations, rules, ratifications, guidelines and constitution laws related to the subject units
16. Procurement and regulation of the plans and proposals related to the vice presidency sector
Sub-Units of the Vice Presidency of Management and Resources Development

The following management tasks:
- Financial
- Physical assets
- Renovation and development of human resources, reformation

Vice-Chancellery of Treatment

   Vice-Chancellery for Treatment


 Dr. Mohammad Azadegan  



Description of the Duties of the Vice-chancellery for Treatment

The Vice Presidency of Treatment follows the objectives below for the purpose of managing treatment services in areas covered by the enhancement of service qualities using standard patterns of quality enhancement standards, uniformity of policy adaptation, planning, evaluation, supervision and allocation of public assets and reduction of the people’s share of health expenses.

1. Supervision over the good performance of regulations and instructions issued by the governing ministry in the subject treatment centers
2. Dealing with the issues and problems in the area and suitable solutions for their rectification and conveying the status to the governing ministry
3. Coordination and compliance with other vice presidency domains
4. Attempting for raising the executive quality of the health system reformation plan
5. Planning for the development of health centers subject to the university in accordance with the leveling system for the nation’s treatment services
6. Supervision over the affairs of the subject treatment centers including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, state treatment centers and charities and analyzing their activities
7. Planning for increasing the efficiency of the subject institutions and treatment centers and solutions for increasing their income and decreasing their expenses.
8. Supervision over the good performance of human resources supply and distribution, in addition to the equipment needed by subject treatment centers based on the leveling system for treatment services.
9. Investigation and estimation of the expert workforce needed and taking measures for attracting medics and paramedics
10. Planning for the access of all special patients (diabetes, hemophilia, thalassemia and transplant recipients) to the necessary medicinal services and increasing the information, education and welfare of the patients.
11. Supervision over the service provision conditions of emergency centers at the shortest time and with minimal damages.
12. Supervision over the procurement and distribution condition of medical equipment in the treatment centers covered by the faculty
13. Supervision and evaluation of laboratories and the enhancement of laboratory services
14. Supervision over the coordination and establishment of meetings between insurance providers and the vice presidency of treatment in relation to treatment centers.
15. Regular supervision and evaluation of all treatment centers at frequent intervals through subject departments; and regular supervision and control over the quality of treatment-diagnosis services in hospitals, clinics and private centers, specialized centers, hospital emergency services, nurseries, midwifery, laboratories, radiology centers and other places.
The Vice Presidency of Treatment at Larestan School of Medical Sciences and Health Services consist of the following departments:
1. The department of treatment supervision, hospital budget allocation and permission granting to treatment centers
2. The department of hospital affairs and the elevation of clinical services
3. The department of the economics of treatment, standards and technologies of health
4. The center for the management of medical emergencies and incidents

Vice Chancellory of Health

Vice Chancellor of Health


     Dr.Mohammad Fozooni

       General Practitioner


 Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Health Vice-chancellery

The Health Vice President will tend to the affairs of planning, directing, supervising, organizing and evaluation of programs at the town’s health centers (with the cooperation of other university vice presidency authorities); in accordance with the duties designated by the health system (managed by the Health Vice President) through 9 committee units.


1. The qualitative and quantitative rural health services enhancement program for towns with a population below 20,000 and the nomads; in the form of rural family medic.

2. Provision and enhancement program for primary capacities of health in the form of the expansion and reinforcement of health network in urban marginalized areas.

3. The program for enhancing the primary capacities of health in the form of expanding and reinforcing health network for urban areas with a population below 50,000 and extending the program to other cities.

4. Completion, expansion and correction of the family medic program and the reference system in the urban areas of Fars and Mazandaran states.

5. Enhancement of the community’s health knowledge through the national program of self-care and the empowerment of people

6. Inter-sectoral cooperation reinforcement and instilment

7. Public health program (healthy water, food and diet; clean air)

8. Oral-dental health reformation program

9. The national program for prevention and control of non-contagious diseases and risk factors

10. Population, health enhancement and birth giving program

11. The program for correction and improvement of the community’s nutrition pattern

12. The program for the enhancement of mental and social health


Sub-Units of the Vice Presidency

- The populace and family health unit

- Environment health unit

- Schools’ health

- Occupational health

- Nutrition

- Health education

- In-service education

- Oral-dental health

- Laboratory

- Management and risk reduction of disasters

- Contagious diseases

- Non-contagious diseases

- Health-serving training center


Vice-Chancellery of Food and Medicine Sector


   Vice-Chancellery of Food and Medicine Sector


                 Dr. Sepideh Pouya



 Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice chancellor of Food and Medicine Sector

1. Supervision over and announcement of the regulations pertaining to the establishment of production, distribution and storage centers for medicinal, nutritional, cosmetic and hygienic substances.
2. Verification and configuration of the documents according to the regulations related to the establishment of medicinal, nutritional, cosmetic and hygienic substances’ distribution and production centers and submitting them to the respective authorities in the ministry’s committee for processing in legal commissions.
3. Supervision over and announcement of the regulations pertaining to the safety of packaging, labeling and advertising of nutritional, cosmetic and hygienic products.
4. Investigating the methods for improving storage, distribution and sales of medicinal, nutritional and hygienic products and supervision over the quality of the tasks.
5. Collection, storage and investigation of the information, statistics and documents pertaining to medicinal, nutritional, cosmetic and hygienic products.
6. Supervision over the accurate performance of the standards and regulations by the producers for using additives and the utilization of permitted colors and packaging materials; constant control over the qualitative and quantitative correctness of the products.
7. Supervision over the performance of the standards and regulations by the nutritional, medicinal and hygienic products’ control laboratories.
8. Supervision over the work procedure of producing institutes for nutritional, medicinal, cosmetic and hygienic materials at the town level.
9. Supervision over the medicinal affairs of the pharmacies at town level
10. Control and evaluation of the medicinal, nutritional and hygienic laboratories’ activities at town level
11. Controlling the supply of medicine according to the needs of medical units
12. Controlling the request and supply of medicine and conducting technical supervision over dated medicines
13. Supervision over the storage of special medicines, addictive substances and the quality of performance for affairs
14. Supervision over the collection of statistics pertaining to medicine consumption during the year for investigating local diseases and reporting to research groups for studying the causes for spreading of diseases for taking appropriate preventive measures

- Management and supervision over nutritional, cosmetic and hygienic products
- Management of medicinal and narcotic substances
- Management of research and development (R&D)
- Management of nutritional product’s control laboratory

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