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Faculty members are the most important asset of any higher education institution. However,  faculty members in medical sciences universities do not typically pass a specific teaching methodology course as part of requirements for their employment. Therefore, in line with its mission, the Medical Education Research and Development Center holds a course tilted "Teaching and Learning Quality Improvement Aimed at Empowering Human Resources for Providing the Highest Quality Community Health Services" to familiarize the faculty members with new teaching techniques and methods to enhance the quality of their teaching. Also, in order to train faculty members and make changes in educational programs, the Faculty Empowerment Unit organizes different workshops in order to help present appropriate lesson plans and teaching methods, as well as assessment methods.

The courses organized by this center are as follows:

  • New teaching methods
  • Educational technology
  • Curriculum planning
  • Curriculum design and review principles
  • Student assessment
  • Faculty members assessment
  • Research in Education
  • Learning styles
  • Test analysis
  • Principles of Test Design (MCQ and written)
  • OSCE Exam Design Principles
  • Introduction to the development of lesson plans, course design and study guides
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