Today, the field of higher education is constantly changing, and, based on their needs and purposes, countries around the globe create, modify and expand their own systems of higher education. EducationIRAN has been conceived within such a mindset as, for many years, the necessity of entering the international landscape of higher education, participating in constructive cooperation and competitions on a global scale and joining the international higher education community has witnessed a significant development in Iran.


EducationIRAN will, in the long run, become the main organization to govern, monitor and expand the international aspects of Iran’s higher education system. The center is expected to facilitate Iran’s effective entrance into the global setting of higher education and help the country adopt a significant role in this landscape. Not only will it put Iran on the map, but it will also improve the status of domestic higher education and raise all standards regarding education, higher education, educational management, resource management, and other related fields.


Conceived with the main purpose of managing and monitoring the international aspects of Iran’s higher education, EducationIRAN will act as a platform that contributes to the internationalization of Iranian higher education through student and faculty mobility, joint academic research ventures and international projects, to name a few. Although such practices make up the core of this center’s activities, EducationIRAN can easily be envisioned to provide other types of services, such as assisting universities in visa-related affairs, providing higher education institutes with roadmaps and guidelines in a consultative capacity, or participate in quality assurance and enhancement activities.


As an organization operating within the domains of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, this center enjoy the flow of governmental support and resources, thus enabling it to effectively pursue its goals, accomplish its mission and realize its potentials regarding every aspect within the framework of internationalized higher education.


EducationIRAN has been created as, and is to remain, a national entity which will benefit universities and institutes of higher education in the near future. In effect, EducationIRAN is aimed to bring the international interactions of domestic universities together in an effort to present a unified image to the world. Nonetheless, EducationIRAN is not confined to the border of Iran or its international higher education system. This center has envisioned itself as an organization which can contribute to the overall quality of higher education of the surrounding region, especially its immediate neighbors.


All in all, EducationIRAN is a powerhouse comprised by the most dedicated personnel, creative stakeholders and efficient administrators, backed by governmental support, which sole purpose is to improve, develop and expand Iran’s higher education system in its entirety, regardless of being national or international, for, to reach the standards currently in place on the global scale, we must achieve the same level of quality at home.







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