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University at a glance

Update Date : Monday, February 10, 2020    Visit : 1246

Rafsanjan University of medical sciences (RUMS) was founded in 1986. RUMS is one of the oldest and a well-known medical center in the south east of Iran and one of the country’s top research universities. It accepts applications from the most qualified students, has Medical, Dental, Allied Medical Sciences, Public Health, and Nursing and Midwifery schools as well as 9 specialized research centers. One of the many advantages of the great size of this university is that it can offer a wide range of courses.

RUMS has 4 teaching hospitals and has excellent sports facilities for academics and students. These factors, along with the abilities and the drive of its specialists, have made RUMS an important center in the south east of Iran.

Over 180 faculty members and more than 2680 personnel are working at RUMS in different areas including health, treatment, research, and education. Currently, over 2140 students are studying in a variety of academic disciplines at RUMS schools and research centers. Internationalization is an important theme at RUMS. Therefore, the university is investing in support for international students and more education programs in English are being introduced.




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