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Dear Students

We are pleased to welcome you to Semnan of Medical Sciences and Services and excited by the return of our campus life! Whether you are or continuing your educational with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, and growing together.

Message from Dean

Dr. Elahe Ghods
Ph.D. Assistant Prof,
Nutritional Sciences 

 Deputy of International Campus

International Campus Officers

Interviews with International Students 

Educational Rules and Regulations

Consular Affairs

Condition of Participation for Basic Sciences Examination...


  • International Campus: Semnan - Golestan Town - Kowsar Hospital - Old Headquarters Building - International Campus
  • Educational and Research Complex of University: Semnan - 5 km of Damghan Road - Educational and Research Campus of University
  • Headquarters of University: Semnan - Basij Blvd, next to Amirkabir Bridge – Headquarters of University
  • Provincial Consular Affairs Office: 5 km of Semnan-Damghan road, Semnan University, behind the Faculty of Humanities, Provincial Consular Affairs Office
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