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Vice- Chancellor of Student and Cultural Affairs

Abdolhamid Hajihassani


The mission of Student and Cultural Affairs of the university is to create the best opportunity for students to maximize welfare affairs and create peace of mind as well as further participation in cultural and extracurricular activities.


  • University Student Affairs Office
  • Study and decision-making on issues and problems of students
  • Supervising the implementation of student rules and regulations
  • Preparing and proposing the general principles of student counseling
  • Monitoring the dependent units in order to ensure the implementation of their duties
  • Planning a student's extracurricular affairs
  • Supervising the cultural, political and social activities of the University
  • Planning for the expansion and deepening of Islamic and revolutionary values at all levels of university
  • Creating coordination and attracting necessary partnerships among different institutions of ideological, cultural and political students


 Cultural Affairs

Student Affairs

Physical Education

Student Consulting and Health Office

Disciplinary Committee

Quran and Atrat


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