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Vice- Chancellor of Food and Drug


Dr. Hamidreza Hafezi 



This deputy makes plans and supervise all measures in medicine, food products, beverages, cosmetics and hygiene. Therefore, it controls the health of medicines and food, cosmetic and hygiene products through monitoring the implementation of policies formulated by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Monitoring of pharmacies, units that produce food, beverage, cosmetic and health products, preparation and distribution of controlled drugs continuously, preventing the supply of illegal and smuggled pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and health products, handling requests of establishment of food, beverage, cosmetics and hygiene industries, and issuing licenses for establishment, operation and technical expert, conducting chemical and microbial tests to ensure the quality of products produced in covered factories are other duties of this deputy.

Also, it is obliged to provide a suitable platform for rational prescription and consumption of drugs through information and necessary training.

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