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Head of Velayat Hospital

Greetings, dear visitor of the website of Velayat Hospital of Damghan, we believe that the duty of officials of government is the right of people. We wish to be one of the best medical services centers in the region, especially for the pilgrims of Imam Reza.

Therefore, we are moving towards health and we will not stop for a moment. We are trying to achieve this goal with the slogan of reducing the length of treatment, so that, God willing, we will help our compatriots in times of illness and critical situations.

Do not worry about treatment, because we know well that the people need help and treatment in times of illness and sensitive moments. Therefore, the patient has the right to enjoy healthy and dynamic health care with honesty and transparency.

Therefore, in order to achieve this sublime goal, we seek your help, especially those who strive in the field of treatment like doctors, paramedics and benefactors who help in technical and civil field of the hospital. We will continue our efforts to achieve this great desire, which is our duty and the right of the respected people.

Dr. Seyed Hassan Taghavi




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