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Head of the Hospital

Serving dear people in the great and glorious Islamic Iran and in the city of Mahdishahr is honorable. Our permanent message is the words of the greats of Iranian medicine. Our missions are providing the excellent medical services to dear people, and eliminating physical and mental sufferings of people. Therefore, considering the principles of clinical governance, especially honoring patients and clients, we strive for continuous improvement.

It is hoped that this is a window to a greater and better world.

Dr. Neda Tebyanian

General Practitioner



Mahdishahr Panzdah Khordad Hospital was built on a land with an area of 2500 square meters in 1961.

By developing and constructing the clinic, the radiology department, repairing and equipping other departments (including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency and clinic) and paraclinical departments (including the laboratory and radiology), it was put into operation in 1980-82.

By changing the use and constructing the ICU-CCU, dialysis and endoscopy departments, it was developed by people's aid in 1999-2000. Due to population growth and the lack of physical space and green space, the hospital officials decided to purchase the land on the south side of the hospital with an area of 1300 square meter. Also, the land on the southwest side with an area of 250 square meters was purchased by the heirs of the late Seif Alian.

It should be noted that a residential complex for the medical and paramedical staff with an area of 900 square meters (4 floors, 12 units) was built in a 780 square meter land which was donated by the late Saeedi.

New building of the hospital and increasing the number of beds:

The new building of Panzdeh Khordad Hospital of Mehdi Shahr was built during a project in the area of Darband [between the cities of Mehdi Shahr and Shahmirzad] and was officially opened on 8 February 2022.


 Providing safe and desirable medical services to hospital visitors by doctors, staff and existing diagnostic and treatment facilities, improving the level of services, Islamic ethics and values.


We intend to adapt our ideas, programs and activities to the ideals and standards of accreditation in order to provide high standard medical services, and to increase the quality and quantity of medical services in the next 6 years.


  • Sublime religious values: observing and promoting Islamic and spiritual values
  • Preserving human dignity: Preserving human dignity based on human values
  • Providing services: providing services according to the principles of hospital standards as soon as possible with the best quality
  • Staff satisfaction: increasing satisfaction and responsiveness to clients and staff
  • Commitment and innovation: Creating a culture of commitment, trust and innovation in personnel
  • Communicating and cooperating: constructive interaction with other medical centers, hospitals and clinics
  • Justice: paying attention to professional ethics and creating conditions for easy access to services, opportunity and fair choice for everyone.
  • Excellence: Committed to excellence by applying best practices to all aspects of our services.
  • Responding: focus on transparency, accountability and accountability of clients and organizations.


  • All human resources
  • Patients and companions


  • Maintaining and promoting patient and staff safety
  • Promoting and improving the quality of clinical and non-clinical health services continuously (prevention and promotion of health in service recipients, employees, hospital environment, covered community)
  • Increasing production resources
  • Establishing national accreditation programs


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