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Welcome to School of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences

School of Nursing and Allied Medicine is one of the oldest schools founded in 1977 in Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. It offers undergraduate programs leading to degrees in Nursing, Operating room, and Anesthesia, an entry level Master’s in Critical Care Nursing and Emergency Nursing, and postgraduate program in Nurse Education. 

The goals include the following:

  • Promoting the academic staff in educational, research, and clinical levels,
  • Enhancing the role of the school in education and research in order to offer strategic plans at the national levels in nursing,
  • Expanding collaboration with national and international research centers,
  • Improving the educational and research services to promote the students' knowledge,
  • Expanding scientific information technology, and collaborating with national and international research centers,
  • Promoting the role of the school in educational, training, and research affairs, and offering national approaches in nursing,

Ph.D. in Nursing

It started recruiting students in graduation degree in the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery in 2009. In this year the master's degree in nursing, critical care nursing, in 2015 the master's degree in emergency nursing, in 2016 the specialized doctorate in nursing, and in 2019 the master's degree in pediatric nursing were added to the total number of bachelor's degree courses in nursing. Improving the science and professional skills of nurses and thus improving national health standards, permanent enrichment of faculty members, science production, transferring technology, increasing scientific interaction in the national and international levels, creating dynamism and arousing the scientific spirit and methodology is one of the major missions for establishing a doctoral program.

The general objectives of the nursing doctoral program are: training teachers with educational and research competence, providing the required manpower for the country's universities, and achieving professional self-sufficiency. Ph.D. students in nursing are working under the supervision of the director of the Department of Medical-Surgical. Two groups including 15 Ph.D. Students have been studying in this university. Two groups of students have entered research phase and are taking their thesis units, and two groups of students are taking their teaching units. It should be noted that faculty members of different educational departments are involved in teaching theoretical courses in this course.
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