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The Faculty of Dentistry is committed to maintain a leadership role in oral health education, in scientific research and in the promotion of oral health and quality of life in the whole population, with an emphasis on the needs of under-served communities and individuals. Our diverse programs work synergistically, ensuring that every aspect of our teaching, research and outreach mission offer excellence in teaching, learning and care.

Prospects for the Future  
We are determined to promote the school's academic excellence, raise the standards of oral health in the community and join the circle of highly qualified dental schools in the country through optimizing instruction standards and innovative research programs.


Semnan Faculty of Dentistry as a part of a major university has combined and enjoyed the endeavors of competent and qualified academic staff with appropriate facilities and has committed itself to:

  • Train highly qualified general practitioners and specialists
  • Update the knowledge and skill of the graduates
  • Raise the standards of oral health and care in the region and all over the country
  • Discover new areas of knowledge through promoting research programs
  • Actively getting involved in providing dental services with greater emphasis on vulnerable groups 
  • and actively cooperating with policy-making centers involved in promoting oral health and care

 D.D.S. is a six-year program which consists of a competency-based educational plan with emphasis on prevention caring, so that graduate students, besides sufficient and comprehensive knowledge in up-to-date dentistry sciences, have the skills for visiting patients and treating different kinds of oral and dental diseases. In this program, students pass basic sciences in two years and then enter the clinic for 4 years in order to pass courses in all dentistry departments and learn the diagnosis of different kinds of diseases in each department. As a result of working with numerous patients, students will become highly skilled in their clinical stage.

The students pass pre-clinic courses in the fifth semester in laboratories with different kinds of moulages and educational models that are simulated with real clinical conditions and patients. After acquiring the requirements, eligible students enter the clinics, and visit and treat patients. In the clinical stage, students (in small groups) enter the clinic and treat patients. There is a Community Dentistry program with the aim of screening patients in the society. 

In the twelfth semester, students who have acquired enough skills as interns or pre-doctoral students enter the main clinic and visit patients in a similar fashion to practices in a private office under the supervision of proficient professors. In the main clinic, students, besides making medical files for the main treatment program, treat all kinds of dental problems of patients.

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