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In The Name of God

 The Merciful, the compassionate

An overview about Zabol University of Medical Sciences (Z.U.M.S) : Zabol University of Medical Sciences (ZUMS)  located in Zabol , Sistan and Baluchistan province, was founded in 2005. This University is located on a border town and is therefore able to accommodate new students from other neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and we can say that studying at this university has more benefits for foreign students who come from these areas. Z.U.M.S has an active editorial team in reviewing and criticizing articles and it is also a well-known name for medical researchers not only inside the country, but also for foreign researchers, because nowadays several articles from this university have been published in International Scientific Journals like Web of Knowledge, Scopus and Pubmed. In the other word, Despite the city of Zabol is located in a disadvantaged area, but we can claim the medical school of the city has always been a center to train elite scholars in various medical fields and it has been organizing a wide range a scientific meetings and research activities for its staffs and students.

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